10 Mile Race - starts at 9 a.m.

2 Races - 10 Mile and 5 Mile

Prizes, raffle items, and awards! Check out the 2021 prize list!.pdf

 July 10, 2021

Vatten Paddlar - Canoe, Kayak and SUP Races

Paddle northwestern Wisconsin's most beautiful chain of lakes

Barnes, Wisconsin

5 Mile Race - starts at 9 a.m.

Covid-Cautious Event:  We will follow public health guidelines to make it a safe experience for everyone. 

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work out the details.   

Vatten Paddlar Canoe, Kayak & SUP Races

Paddle Northwestern Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Chain of Lakes

The 5 Mile Canoe, Kayak and SUP Race is perfect for individuals and families who want to enjoy the event in a shorter version. It includes one portage (assistance will be available for those requesting it.) It does not include rapids. Show up and finish and you will be a winner.

Medals in all 7 divisions 

5 Mile Race Will be Capped at 75 Craft in 2021

The 10 Mile Canoe and Kayak Race involves a short segment of fast moving river through various obstacles. It includes two portages and is a great paddle for those with a higher skill level. It does not include rapids. If you want a longer paddle - the 10 Mile Race is a good choice.

Medals in all ​5 divisions 

10 Mile Race Will be Capped at 40 Craft in 2021